What we do


Milena NPO – NGO, working in close cooperation with Ethiopian authorities and institutions, promotes quality health services for cardiac patients through prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with congenital or rheumatic heart diseases. Special focus is also given to the medical follow-up of patients treated with open cardiac surgery who often need life-long medical therapies.

For 15 years Milena has been committed to ensuring that the young Ethiopian population is progressively achieving a higher standard of living and offering the opportunity to grow with their eyes and hearts looking towards a better future.

The projects implemented and managed by the Association focus on three key areas:



Complete cardiology screenings (including cardiology visits, electrocardiograms and echocardiograms) for children and adults suspected of having cardiac desease.

Our team of volunteer cardiologists regularly follows up all patients identified as having a rheumatic or congenital heart disease in order to ensure that the required medical care and surgical treatment is made available.

area educativa


Milena runs a day care center for 24 orphaned children living in the city of Makallè. In this area, thousands of orphans or semi-orphans live on the streets during the day and sleep over night with relatives or friends.

Milena is responsible for providing them with proper nutrition, clothing and hygiene education. Children are followed by two teachers to provide them with the necessary educational support. Throughout the teaching hours particular emphasis is given to English language and the use of computers.

In addition, the activities of the center include sport, recreational activities and socializing in a safe environment with other children and with Milena’s staff members.


Medical and nursing training

During the annual missions many volunteer nurses, cardiologists and heart surgeons offer their support for the on site training of medical and paramedical staff.

This has been achieved thanks to an agreement signed in 2009 with Ayder University Hospital of Makallè and the school of Specialization in Cardiology of the University of L’Aquila.

What we do in Ethiopia