5 x 1000


“5 x 1000” – or  0.5‰ of the tax payable on each taxpayer’s income – is the portion of that tax which can be paid to a Registered Charity, or to an approved beneficial organization, that is, an NPO – Non-profit organization or an NGO – Non-governmental organization”.

The contribution can be made by all individual taxpayers resident in Italy whose income in the tax year in question has reached a taxable level.

Taxpayers must indicate on their tax-return form to which organization they wish their “5×1000” to be paid.

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Each of us, in our own way, can help to ensure that Milena’s projects continue in favor of those who need it most.

Donations can be made via:

  • Bank trasfer to Milena NGO
    IBAN: IT32N 08327 03399 0000000 18908
  • Bank check
    Non-transferable bank check payable to MILENA NGO, to be mailed to “Milena Onlus NGO, piazza dei Vespri Siciliani 17, 00162 Rome”.

For further details and questions on how to make donations please contact us.

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