Since its founding act of 2001, the Statute of Milena NPO-NGO has been modified and integrated several times so as to reflect the broadening commitment of the organization , most recently in 2014. In addition to the scientific research activities and cardiac health screenings, the NGO-NPO extended its work further to research on prevention of cardiac disease, to the health training of medical and nursing professionals and to the provision of social assistance to defeat the extreme realities witnessed in the area in which it operates. The various activities in which the NGO is involved include:

HEALTH EDUCATION: through courses and campaigns for the knowledge of heart diseases and for prevention and early diagnosis.


CULTURE dissemination and awareness raising initiatives which include:

  • an annual medical symposium on cardiomyopathy
  • provision of scholarships for young doctors and paramedics working in the field of cardiology who have demonstrated skills and dedication in this area (research grants of 1-3 months)
  • implementation of a research laboratory in the field of cardiomyopathies and support to other laboratories by means of specific agreements as approved by the Steering Committee
  • the creation of a specialized library in the field of cardiology, particularly cardiomyopathies.


SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH with the aim to promote committees or other entities to conduct highly qualified research studies within the field of cardiomyopathies.


ASSISTANCE both in the medical and social field.


Statute [cml_media_alt id='2721']pdf[/cml_media_alt]  (this text is in italian)