Donating … why?

Donating is a voluntary act, a very personal and intimate one that affects us and we take in our life of relationships and contacts and that nobody should ever judge or question.
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What we do in Ethiopia

A video presenting an overview of activities and interventions of Milena NPO NGO in Ethiopia.
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Computer course successfully ended

Computer course, about which we reported in a previous article, for students who are attending from the 9th to the 12th grade is ended.
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New children arrival at DayAfterDay

In early October Social Affair of Quihà informed us about 6 little orphans, living in very needy conditions. In Ethiopia there aren't kindergarten for children of age less than 6 years old.
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New computer courses at the DayAfterDay Center

At the end of the school year talking to some of the older kids of the DayAfterDay Center they told us that teachers often ask them if they have the opportunity to consult the internet to deepen their studies.
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Mission to Ethiopia – March 2018

Our first mission of the year in Ethiopia led us in Gheralta area - North Tigray with the aim to introduce health workers to procedures and techniques to implement in emergency situations
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Una procedura di cardiologia interventistica

Mission to Ethiopia – November 2017

Last November we organized a new mission in Ethiopia to perform interventional cardiology procedures. This kind of treatment as well as other similar tertiary level health care procedures are almost non-existent in this area of the country.
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Italian NGOs & IOs Interactive Map

The Department of Economics and Management, University of Pavia, has realized an interactive map that recollect and geolocalizes all Italian non-Governmental and Civil Society Organizations
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Milena donor card

To all our friends and supporters: this year we decided to give the card of “Milena’s donor”, to acknowledge the value of all the people who help us to make our projects a reality.
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“About my green dream”

My name is Mewall, I am 15 years old and I am in 8th grade. These days I am taking the general examination to pass to the 9th grade.
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