About Us

chi siamo associazione milena

Milena plays an important role in the promotion of health and social services which is recognized by the Ministry of Health in the region of Tigray.

This synergy has guaranteed the constant activity of the organization with regular cardiac screenings throughout the region, support and medical follow-up of patients treated with open cardiac surgery, continuity of training of health personnel and support for orphan children of Makallè.

The constant commitment to the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease is combined with ongoing work aimed at prevention and health education.

Milena foresees an Africa where healthcare is free for everyone, an Africa without people do not die every day due to preventable diseases, and an Africa proactively leads its own future through education, action and prevention.

Our mission is to contribute, together with the local Ethiopian community and its institutions, to advance the access to quality health services while improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiac diseases.